Copper Etching Soft Ground: Step One – Applying Soft Ground

Posted on: September 27th, 2014
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CLEAN EVERYTHING WITH VINEGAR. You may think this is an over exaggeration. However, it is not. Clean everything with vinegar: the glass tabletop, the roller and the spatula. You will also need a properly degreased copper plate.

Using the spatula, apply a small amount of BIG soft ground to the table. Work it in first with the spatula, then create a small line of BIG and roll it out evenly. Once BIG is evenly rolled on the table, you can apply it/roll it unto your plate. You want to make sure that there are no roller marks, and you want to put on a generous layer, but not too thick. Rolling in different directions helps to keep BIG even. If you see a bright pink surface with a copper sheen coming through, you have applied enough BIG to the plate. You will then wait 5-10 minutes for the BIG to set. You should be able to place a piece of paper gently on the surface without any ink transferring to the paper.

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