Copper Etching Soft Ground: Step Three – Etching

Posted on: September 27th, 2014
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The BIG soft/hard ground can only be etched for 5-7 minutes.


BIG ground can be removed with vegetable oil. Just rub it off, then degrease your plate with vinegar and dry with a clean cloth. Now, you’re ready to print.

Stop-Out Varnish 

This is a helpful varnish that covers/stop-outs mistakes that you don’t want to etch. It also protects lines/marks that have been etched long enough, or can be used on top of aquatint as a drawing/resist process. With BIG it may come in handy if you touched your plate while it was a soft ground and your unwanted finger prints are in it – you can cover these with stop-out varnish.

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