Copper Photopolymer: Step Four – Develop

Posted on: September 27th, 2014
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In order to develop film, you will need to put the plate in a tray of developer (1/2 tsp soda ash to 1L of water) for a set amount of time. Once you have exposed your plate, remove the protective layer of plastic (a small piece of tape applied to the corner helps to get it off). Drawings take 1 minute to 1 minute and 30 seconds, whereas photographs take about 1 minute. You should also have a tray of water and a tray or spray bottle of fixer (water and fixer stop the developer from working). You will leave the plate to develop in the tray for the set amount of time, sponging it gently. You can look at it more closely, by placing it in the water tray and dragging the side of your palm across the surface. It will feel like fine sandpaper, if the plate is developed enough. Once the development is finished, you rinse the plate in water, and put it in the stop bath fixer, or spray it onto the plate. Then rinse the plate again with water and pat dry with a clean piece of newsprint. Be gentle with the plate at this stage, as the film is still very delicate. Place plate in the hot box for 3-5 minute and post-expose for 16 units. You do not need the vacuum when you post expose.

You’re now ready to print!

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