Copper Photopolymer: Step Two – Applying Film

Posted on: September 27th, 2014
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This film is blue in colour and must be kept in a light-safe container in the darkroom. You can find it rolled in a tube or cut into smaller pieces in two shoeboxes stored in the drawer of the wooden cupboard. There are large sizes and small sizes, make sure that the film you choose is large enough to cover your plate.


Take a degreased plate into the dark room. Fill a tray with water. Select a piece of film (or cut one) that is slightly larger than your copper plate. Cut/score the corner of the film to remove the layer of clear, protective plastic. Dunk the film in the water as you peel away the plastic layer on the underside. The water helps to keep the film from sticking to itself. Spritz water onto your copper plate and place the film on the copper. Squeegee all of the water out, working in a star pattern from the centre. Make sure that there are no bubbles under the film. Flip the plate onto the cutting board/mat and trim the edges of the film using a utility knife. Working again from the centre in a star pattern, firmly press the film to the plate using a dry cloth. Again, make sure there are no air bubbles. Place the plate in the hot box for 3-5 minutes to ensure that it dries completely and then store in a flat box in the wooden cupboard.


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