Litho Print: Step Four – Cleaning

Posted on: September 27th, 2014
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Cleaning Up Ink

You can save your litho ink in wax paper or aluminum foil for later use. Because the ink is oil based, you will need vegetable oil to cleanup. You will want to wear gloves to prevent absorption into your skin. It also tends to stain. Scrape all ink using a scraper that has a single edge razor blade. Squirt vegetable oil on glass and remove with a paper towel. The blue shop towels work well for cleaning up oil, but please use sparingly. After everything has been cleaned with oil, spray the table with vinegar and wipe down. Place any soiled paper towels in the metal fire bin that has a lid for safety.

CLEAN ALL YOUR TOOLS. Make sure the end of your roller is clean. Make sure your spatulas are clean. Clean the blade, and put everything away

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