Copper Etching and Photopolymer – Preparing the Press

Posted on: September 27th, 2014
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When using the press you need to understand the difference between each press. There are two etching presses located near the sink (these have a round barrel that is visible from the top). The medium sized black press is generally used for printing copper plates (Charles Brand Intaglio Press). Either way before you print, you need to check that the pressure is correct. You can do this by starting with very loose pressure and slowly tightening the pressure by turning the handles. You also need to make sure that the pressure is even (i.e. exactly the same on both sides). The blankets/felts should feel tight to the plate. When tightening the pressure, remember that less is more. If you make the press too tight, the felts can rip and we need to be careful with these things as many people are using them. Your careful work habits are important for a smooth and happy studio environment.

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