Screen Print: Step Four – Exposing Screen

Posted on: September 27th, 2014
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Exposure Unit 

The exposure unit is big, hunky, and blue, but can also break. Please be careful and ask questions if you do know how to use it.

Make sure the glass is clean, place the oiled paper on the bed, ink side up. Make sure there is plenty of space between the images if you’re exposing multiple images. You also need about a 2-inch border inside the screen’s frame. Place the screen on top of your images, emulsion side down. EMULSION TO EMULSION. If you’re using a larger screen make sure the screen is sitting within the black lines/tape marks. Place hoses inside your screen. Do not force the lid shut, as the glass may break. Secure the clamps.

Turn on the vacuum. Wait until the vacuum is fully engaged and then turn on the light timer. Set it for 6.5 minutes. Wait for the duration of the exposure then. When the time is up, unlock the clamps, open the lid, remove your screen and go to the spray room.

You will also need to remove your patterns/films and clean the glass if it is oily.

In the spray room, gently wash the front and back of the screen with a light spray from the hose attached to the sink. Continue to move the sprayer back and forth until the image is revealed. Make sure you are spraying on both sides. If there are tough spots where the emulsion isn’t coming out, move the sprayer closer to the screen. To make sure that the emulsion is completely out, hold the screen up against the light.

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